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123Movies APK


January 7, 2019


123Movies APK


Download 123Movies APK is the top trending app to watch movies online and TV series for free! What more could you possibly want from a mobile app? 123Movies is rated one of the top downloaded Android apps if you want to watch movies HD – 123Movies has 720p and 1080p movies and TV shows available to stream or download for free! How can this be legal you’re asking? Through a series of sneaky manoeuvres, 123Movies skirts around copyrights and strives to bring you more than just the trailer for the latest trending films, movies and TV series.

Giving you a smorgasbord of the trending entertainment releases from Hollywood and beyond, 123Movies even includes the IMDB ratings for all of the new releases, giving you a monstrous library of media to choose from, all from the comfort of your Android device. Download 123Movies APK and you can turn your Android into the largest online library of media available for free in the world!

Scoffing in the face of all those fools lacking in internet savvy to find a way around paying for Netflix, 123Movies is the ultimate free movie and TV show streaming app and now for the low, low price of absolutely nothing, it can be yours too! Download 123Movies APK for free on this very page and you too can dodge the heinous costs of going to the cinema.

123Movies APK

How have streaming and download apps like 123Movies taken over the world?

Well there was a time, some called it the Golden Age, others were still dying in the streets because they had no clean water, so it probably seemed less golden to them, but there was a time when to see a new film would mean getting the whole family together and driving down to the local cinema. Then the internet came along and Hollywood just laughed, not thinking this new invention from a couple of bespectacled nerds could possibly undo the chokehold that Hollywood, the film production companies and the absurd, grotesque salaries of actors.

Geeks will inherit the Earth, or so they say, but with the advent of the internet, things began to change for Hollywood and all the sycophants that crawl and writhe around those sun-drenched parts of the world. Suddenly, anyone anywhere could share a file with the rest of the world, which sounded innocuous enough – probably just a load of doctors and scientists sharing research to help all those people dying from malaria in some forgotten corner of the world.

So naturally enough, when the DVD revolution really began to spin, Hollywood still remained unconcerned as it saw a new medium as just another way to make money – it also allowed for a little bit more experimentation in the medium of film making as DVDs could hold more data then VHS tapes. However, the DVD format was just the beginning of the end, suddenly video codecs made it possible to transfer movies onto a digital format, meaning it could reach the internet.

What then was to stop anyone in possession of a DVD from ripping the content onto their PC and then uploading it directly to the internet? Don’t get me wrong, piracy’s always been an issue that Hollywood has had to contend with, but with the crackdown on cameras in the cinema and the relative lack of reach that a black market movie pirate could really expect with bootleg VHS tapes and DVDs, it wasn’t that big of a concern.

Now the internet has opened up the world, connecting people for better and worse. Flash forwards to now and we’ve got professionalised services like 123Movies offering the same sort of services that the pirate bootleggers used to, but evading the law more efficiently and reaching out to millions and millions of people. 123Movies took a crowbar to the Pandora’s Box of copyrights laws and distributes movies and TV shows for free in a way that Hollywood couldn’t have ever foreseen.

While all of this was happening, cinemas continuously jacked up their prices, the value of DVDs plummeted and Blu-Ray turned out to be a total flop, given that people weren’t really interested in paying more for a marginally higher quality version of the same movie. 123Movies is part of the next evolution – the professionalised services for streaming and downloading movies for free. Before 123Movies APK there were various websites, some still alive, some shut down as an ever-creeping set of laws aims to tackle these issues.

As an app though, 123Movies is able to provide the top trending movies, TV shows, music videos and even the news to its users through a series of complex loopholes that enable 123Movies to do what they do for free, copyrights be damned!
Download 123Movies APK

Is 123Movies APK and all the other streaming sites legal?

They’re not illegal and although there are examples of totally legitimate streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video and others, 123Movies sits pretty in the grey area of the law, but that’s not the key difference between 123Movies and services like Netflix – the key difference is the cost.

123Movies is free and always will be, Netflix charges on a monthly basis and offers you a limited selection of movies and TV shows to choose from. Even though they attempt to make their own movies and original content to lure people in, these shows and films have been regarded critically as very hit and miss. 123Movies on the other hand, asks for no money and offers you a selection so vast that you’d never be able to watch it all, even if you dedicated your entire life to it.

Should I download 123Movies APK?

Absolutely! It’s free, it’s not illegal and it’s far better than most other streaming services available. Download 123Movies APK now and get the movies you deserve at the cost you can afford – free, that is. Rated one of the very best apps of its kind, 123Movies lets you watch HD movies, Hollywood TV, music videos and the news online for free or download for free to watch offline later on. Just download 123Movies APK right here for free and see for yourself. If you’re not happy, simply uninstall the app – no harm, no foul.

Download 123Movies APK right here, right now and never need to get ripped off by the cinema again!

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