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Apex Legends


February 13, 2019
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Apex Legends


Now, we’re approaching the target location. Our mission: survival. Defeat is not an option. Remember this is a battle royal, everyone is ready to shoot or be shot. The sweet satisfaction of first-person shooters is brought through Apex Legends.

Before we get started, here are some key tips on your survival soldier. First, choose your Legend wisely. Don’t dilly-dally when selecting your recruit. We don’t have time for that.

Next, chat conversations are unnecessary here. We’ll ping anything that needs to be known. Recon is our specialty with the Apex Legends game.

On the contrary, this isn’t a game, soldier. And it’s in no-way a walk in the park. Think PUBG, Fortnite and TitanFall, blood will be shed in this massacre.

Finally, no micro-managing while in the field. Battle royal games tend to have clunky and over-complicated inventory systems. We’ve simplified this as much as possible for you. So, your mai focus should be on the enemy ahead, soldier.

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Apex Legends fundamentals

Okay let’s do a little walking, before running. Similar Fortnite battle royal, we’ll skydive from our plane onto the map. Don’t get cold feet once you’ve been stranded on the island of Apex Legends. You’ll have nothing to pack with you, besides your own mind and survival skills.

Okay, start by finding a weapon. What’s the point of hoarding the best armor and weapons’ ammunition, if you can’t protect them? Use your brain, soldier.

Most mags are scarce. You’re better off using a shotgun for effectiveness and damage. Apex Legends Android recruits may have a more difficult time using assault rifles.

In order to become a legendary survivalist and ultimately—the victor, you’ll need to think fast. Don’t be slowed by decision making and coordination, soldier. Just ping everything necessary to yourself and your team.

Ping an enemy you can’t reach or may need assistance taking down. I found a few magazines for your rifle, I’ll ping it for you. Hold your fire, regroup in the back, we have additional armor. I’ll ping the location.

Soldier down! What’s your Legend? Put up a force-field, while I revive our fallen. Did we forget to mention? Medical kits are available once certain requirements are met.

Surprisingly, most battle royal games don’t offer this kind of strategy. In fact, we’ll shine on the battlefield for this reason.

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Why YOU should play Apex Legends

Actually, why are you questioning the thought of joining Apex Legends? We are in dire-need of your tactical prowess and abilities. Without it, our squad will be wiped out.

Samsung, Oppo and other Android users, take a stand with the Apex Legends APK download. It may become slightly more complicated to join the battle, but all options are free.

Regardless of these facts and micro-transactions are barely notice-able, will you commute? Our recon unit has already homed in on the target. We’re running out of time.

This first-person shooter, battle royal waits for nobody. Not even you. So make your decision within the next minutes, soldier.

See you on the battlefield in 0-nine hundred hours.

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