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December 24, 2018


GBWhatsApp APK


Download GBWhatsApp APK free here and you can lose your mind in a hive of customisation that’s available. Cast your old, original WhatsApp into the fire, for you need it no more! WhatsApp is dead and GBWhatsApp APK is here to stay. How did such an upstart MOD of WhatsApp knock the venerable classic instant messaging app off the list of society’s favourite apps? A contrasting look at the features available on both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp makes it look like WhatsApp brought a knife to a gunfight and the modded version of WhatsApp brought a Boeing AH-64 Apache and strafed the original WhatsApp Messenger into the grave.

The real hook that pierces the mouth of any loyal Android fanatic is the fact that you’re less restricted by the apps you can use, less restricted in the way you can get the apps to function and far more able to customise the Android device itself. The popularity of GBWhatsApp should therefore have been obvious to the creators of the original WhatsApp Messenger, as Android users around the world scoff and chuckle at lowly iPhone users or other Brotherhood of Apple converts who’re just left to bend over, take whatever Apple humps at them and hope that Apple has the common courtesy to spit.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Android users would rather download GBWhatsApp than download WhatsApp Messenger, but WhatsApp have known this for a while and have done little to appease the rabid Android army. As such, the inevitability of WhatsApp Messenger mod clones was inevitable, because WhatsApp failed to act when their users began to demand more of them.
GBWhatsApp apk

How did we reach the point where we need the modded version of WhatsApp?

Technology is a good reflection of the society it serves. Take the smartphone for example, once a luxury item available to the very rich, very successful and even then, only really those with a keen interest in emerging technology, rather than the ubiquitous sight that it’s become today. However, following the sheer volume of features that the smartphone was bringing to the table, not just in the sense of features as a technology, but rather as a tool for life, society began to grow more curious.

Suddenly, it became almost seedy if you didn’t have a camera on your phone, as if you’d somehow got some lurid reason for living in the past. Why aren’t you making the most of the technology available to you? You must be stupid if you don’t own a smartphone, stupid or really poor. That was the prevailing sentiment that society guffed out of its great billion-headed maw, even more so now where the smartphone is almost a disposable piece of technology and in terms of cost, it’s accessible on an almost terrifying level.

Smartphone penetration – which isn’t the dirty sex act you’re thinking of – is growing across the world, with studies run in 52 key countries around the world showing a continuous and steady

growth, with an average rate of 66% of the population of these countries set to own a smartphone by the end of 2018. While yes, parts of the world like sub-Saharan Africa are still favouring the use of mobile phones over smartphones due to the financial implications and the distinct lack of 4G service in the desert, for most of Western Europe and North America, the level of smartphone penetration has already passed the 90% mark, with countries like Taiwan, Israel and Hong Kong not far behind.

This is interesting for many reasons, least of all, the popularity of cat videos being sent back and forth across Facebook Messenger and other acts of insipid idiocy when faced with such a power online operating system. For with every download of GBWhatsApp APK, it’s apparent that people are hungry for more power within the digital world they now inhabit. The Android and Apple smartphone empires might have guided us all into their web of money, but we’ll be damned if we’re going to sit there and take it in the ass without first putting on something that makes us feel sexy.

Much in the way that society has demanded more from the phones we keep in our pockets – where we’ve gone from wanting to be able to make calls and play Snake to being able to watch HD movies on our built-in media players, send files the digital size of a small whale in seconds and get online to take a digital tour of what’s hanging in the Louvre – we now demand more from our apps too.

It’s not good enough anymore for an app to just be good at its function, it need to look stylish while it does it, which means investing more time in a sleek user interface, but here’s where the snags start to arise. There’s been a relatively recent disruption of the smartphone empires that Android and Apple have created, with a multitude of independent companies seemingly springing up like Whack-A-Mole on crack. Android phones now come in a huge range and variety as more and more companies take a shot at making the next biggest trending model of smartphone.

As such, it’s harder to please everyone with a one-size fits all app – which is precisely why app developers, especially those targeting the Android market, need to understand that applying a mod to your smartphone is no longer the sole preserve of the neck-beards playing Dungeons and Dragons, it’s simple enough that a lot of folks want in. App developers also need to understand that people wanting to apply a mod to their app is a pretty good sign that you’ve missed a trick and that people are unhappy with what you’ve given them.

So what makes GBWhatsApp APK different?

Well aside from the fact that GBWhatsApp APK is made by the people for the people and better embodies the spirit an open, interactive online chat app, GBWhatsApp has gone on to tick the boxes that WhatsApp Messenger has failed to cover.

GBWhatsApp APK is brimming with features and this is why it’s already racked up millions of downloads, numerous mods and patches to fix bugs. It’s just a better mobile app than WhatsApp Messenger all round, but let’s take a look at some of those key features that help GBWhatsApp APK stand out from the admittedly crowded market of instant messaging apps.
GBWhatsApp lets you download themes that allow you to do what the hell you like with the appearance of the mobile app, which might not sound like a big deal, but for some people that’s enough for them to ditch WhatsApp and head on over to the sweet and fertile grounds of

GBWhatsApp. This isn’t just a call to arms, asking you to install GBWhatsApp APK onto your Android so that you can have a cool picture as the background to your WhatsApp Messenger app – GBWhatsApp lets you customise everything, from the menus, the fonts and even lets you expand the names of group chats beyond the frustrating character limits set on the original WhatsApp Messenger.

Download GBWhatsApp and you’re not just getting a mobile app that deals with the appearance of your phone alone, you’re getting the latest version of a cutting edge multimedia instant messaging app, one that has all those much needed mod features that WhatsApp creators missed an opportunity with.

Remember those treacherous blue ticks? The ones that rat you out when you’re trying to remain incognito? Yeah, GBWhatsApp doesn’t like the tick system that features on Facebook Messenger and the original WhatsApp, but recognising that it can be of use to know if someone’s seen the message you’ve sent them (and vice versa) GBWhatsApp APK lets you choose whether or not to send the double blue tick – the tell-tale sign that you’ve not only received the message, but have also read it.

GBWhatsApp won’t grass you up the way that regular WhatsApp will, which doesn’t give you the chance to edit your presence on the mobile app, it just assumes you want everyone you’re in contact with to know when you were last online, whether you’ve read a message or not etc. GBWhatsApp lets you change the “last seen” setting, so that people won’t know you were just online a few minutes ago if you don’t want them to.

That’s not all though, you can even revert the double blue tick to a double black tick, giving anyone familiar with the app the impression that you’ve just received the message but are yet to read it – GBWhatsApp is the perfect app to download for instant messaging if you’re up to some shady deeds.

Also GBWhatsApp takes your security very seriously – armed with a two-factor authentication process that works exceptionally smoothly, GBWhatsApp APK lets you lock conversations that you’d rather keep secret. The advantage of this is obvious, but it’s another good reason to download GBWhatsApp APK free.

In terms of sending media, GBWhatsApp isn’t restrictive in the same ways that WhatsApp Messenger is – you can send up to 50MB of video, which is far more than regular WhatsApp allows you to – but also you’re ability to send audio files is increased up to 100MB, perfect for those who prefer to record audio chats rather than just typing things out. GBWhatsApp also gives you up to 90 photos to send at once, just try doing that on the original version of WhatsApp, it’ll freak out, have a heart attack and you’ll spend ages having to select clusters of photos.

These are just some of the features that could be yours if you just download GBWhatsApp APK free, but one word of warning – GBWhatsApp is not made by the same people as WhatsApp Messenger. It’s not the latest version of WhatsApp – GBWhatsApp is a whole new app, one that borrows heavily from WhatsApp and then builds on the concept, much in the way that the original creators have failed to do.

As such, you’ll need to uninstall WhatsApp before you can install GBWhatsApp – in which case we’d strongly recommend making a backup of WhatsApp on your phone. We’d also recommend making a

backup of any media or contacts that you’d want to take with you if you do download GBWhatsApp APK free.

But don’t panic, GBWhatsApp is easy to install and you can download the latest version of the modded version of WhatsApp here for free. Download GBWhatsApp APK free and start making the changes to your life for the better, only with GBWhatsApp. It’s free to download GBWhatsApp APK right here, so don’t delay – get your free download of the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK today

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