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Download Hotstar APK – there’s a reason that Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform, commanding the eyes of 350 million followers with cutting edge video streaming technology, as well as a live streaming app and a whole range of digital media available for Android and iPhone – 100,000 hours of TV shows, movies, sports, news and live news on-the-go is available in 17 languages.

Hotstar APK is jam packed with a quality blend of popular titles from Hollywood and movies from more regional outlets, including Bengali movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Marathi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies and Hindi movies.

India’s never had it so good, now Hotstar – launched by Star India in 2015 – has taken over the mobile entertainment industry in a country of 1.4 billion people, meaning Hotstar’s web viewership is through the roof as they pioneer Indian digital entertainment, but for you – the user – your phone data bills won’t be!

Hotstar uses a lot of new technology and is more innovative than most Indian video-on-demand services, rendering Hotstar APK the only video-on-demand service offering HD and 4K viewing, along with access to all your favourite international series, with a library that’s constantly updated. Get all the live news-on-the-go from all the channels you could possibly think of – both domestic and international, Hotstar is the app you need to download today.
Hotstar free download apk
With over 100,000 hours of entertainment all jam packed into your Android device, you’re one download away from never being bored again! That’s more than 11 years’ worth of entertainment all available at the touch of a button – think of all that you could accomplish in 11 years and then think how much better if you just continuously watched TV shows, movies, sports and news! What a life! Forget all the other things you could achieve with 11 years of dedicated action and think about all the stunning HD entertainment you can enjoy over the course of that time.

Of course, Hotstar – courtesy of Star India – are always updated their library, so in the 11 years it’d take you to watch all the TV shows and movies they’ve already got, there’d doubtless be another decade of popular titles added to the live streaming app. Just think, you could spend your entire life watching nothing but Hotstar and you’d never make it to the end! Hotstar will outlive you!

How did Hotstar get to be so popular across India?

Given that one in three of the 1.4 billion people who call India home have already got a smartphone and that number is already looking set to rise with the advent of India’s digitization and

demonetisation. With the fall of cash, India is expected to see the rise of smartphones as a means of paying for more things, just like in China.

India already has 462 million internet users, but in as little as a year, that’s expected to jump to 636 million. India’s already the second largest base of internet users globally, but this has been a relatively recent development. Mobile entertainment was still an emerging industry back in 2015, but one of the first successes was the popularity of video of demand services that have taken India by storm.

The question remains though, how did Hotstar get to become India’s largest premium streaming platform?

Firstly, it’s worth understanding the regional importance of Hotstar – while Netflix and Amazon have both been upgrading the language options for their regional video on demand services, neither of them have managed to oust Hotstar in India, due to the sheer volume of home grown content available on the latter platform. Available in 17 languages, Hotstar ticks a hell of a lot more boxes than any of the Western big players, although even Hotstar is continuing to grow the accessibility of their digital media mobile app.

India has 22 major languages that are used nationwide, but between the 22, they’re split into 720 dialects and even though Hindi is the official language, the remaining 21 are nonetheless popular, so Hotstar’s decision to include not just subtitles, but digital media such as Bengali movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Marathi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies and Hindi movies goes some way to explaining why Hotstar is so ubiquitous in India.

The relatively recent advent of 4G phone data and the availability of cheap or affordable smartphones has seen India’s internet users grow, but it’s also seen a shift in habits. As of the end of 2018, the average Indian smartphone user spends more than four times the amount of time engaged in online activity compared in offline. The sublime popularity of Android, which makes up for more than 60% of the smartphone market in India, has also led to a huge popularity in online viewership of traditionally televised media. This change to digital media has been made accessible by lowering costs in terms of phone data and smartphones, but crucially, it’s also down to the availability of the services.

So India now has a huge, young population – 50% of whom are under the age of 25 – and with all of these technological advances pushing digital media and video streaming technology, the nation is turning away from more traditional platforms such as radio or TV in favour of watching TV shows online, getting their news through their phone data and seeking out new ways to watch popular titles from Hollywood and beyond.

With all of this in mind, it’s also worth remembering that Star India spawned Hotstar relatively early, back in 2015. This allowed Hotstar to grow along the curve, picking up followers and fans as the population picked up smartphones with 4G access for the first time in their lives. It was a bold move for Star India at the time, given the relative lack of internet access, especially on mobile devices, but Hotstar has proven itself to have grown in line with the demand for video on demand services.

The advantage to being one of the first ones to the market is that you have the experience to deal with more issues than newer start-ups and so Hotstar have managed to position themselves in such

a way that the very brand name is synonymous with watching TV shows online, the same way that Netflix has infiltrated the popular parlance in Western nations. Whether “Hotstar and Chill” will be a thing that catches on in such a conservative country as India remains to be seen, but already Hotstar have acquired more than 350 million followers, which makes up over 75% of all internet users in India. Pretty impressive stuff, but then again – the best way to get that kind of viewership is to provide a damned good service, which Hotstar have been doing for years, which is exactly why they’re India’s largest premium streaming platform.

How to download and install Hotstar?

Convinced you need to download Hotstar APK now? 350 million Indians can’t be wrong!

Downloading Hotstar is easy enough, we offer a free download of Hotstar APK for Android device right here, no hassle, no fees and completely safe, download Hotstar free here. For your free download of Hotstar, keep reading.

In the meantime, here’s how to install Hotstar with Kodi – a quick summary of what to do to get access to all of those beautiful TV shows and movies, only on Hotstar.

* First off, you’ll need to open Kodi and go to your settings before you can watch Hotstar

* Go to “File Manager” and click “Add Source” from the left-hand side menu

* Choose “None” and type exactly this ““

* When you’re done, simply scroll to the empty bar and enter “SuperRepo”

* Return to the Kodi home screen and click on “Add-ons”

* Choose the “Add-on Browser,” and hit “install from zip file”

* Next you just need to select “Super Repo,” “Krypton,” “all” and “”

* Click “install from repository,” then “SuperRepo All,” then click through “video add-ons” to “Hotstar” and finally, “install”

* Give it a minute, make a cup of tea

* Return home, choose “videos” then “add-ons” and finally, hit Hotstar

* Enjoy Hotstar on Kodi!

With this handy guide, you should be able to watch TV shows, movies, news and sports on Hotstar whether you’re in India or not, negating the need to find a VPN that’s not blocked by the app. What are you waiting for?

Download Hotstar APK free for Android here, join the 350 million followers who already clicked on the download Hotstar button. Get your free download of Hotstar APK here today! Download Hotstar free now and get access to over 100,000 hours of TV shows, Hollywood movies, Indian movies and much, much more.

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