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Minecraft was first created in 2009 by Sandbox Video Game. It is an open world 3D game where users build different kinds of blocks in a creative and fun way. The game got the fame it deserved in a very short period of time.


Minecraft has a unique gameplay. There are total 4 modes to play on. Survival, Hardcore, Adventure, and Creative, each with their own uniqueness and technicality. Players create a world of their own desire and in return rewarded with treasure and other milestones.

Online Multiplayer Gaming

You can now play Minecraft online with another player. You can either make a server on Minecraft.net and invite your friend to join the server or join anyone else server. New updates are introduced in online gaming for a better experience for its users.


There are many Minecraft online streamers who are earning quite a big amount through online Minecraft streaming. Sevadus, Bacom_Donut, and IAmSpoon are the best Minecraft online streamers. They do live streaming either on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.


Initially the game was made for PC only but now it is available in all of the other devices like XBOX, PS4, Nintendo, etc. Moreover, the online gaming facility is now available in XBOX and PS4 as well. Two players from two different devices can play in the same server.

Are You Too Old to Play Minecraft?

You are never too old to play Minecraft. There are parents who play this game with their children. Plus, this is a kind of a game you play when you want to relax your mind. So if you are tired of playing CS or COD, then you should look for a mind tricking game and in that case, Minecraft should be your first priority.

Is Minecraft a Bad Influence on Children

There are parents who complain that whenever their child is playing Minecraft, he/she becomes frustrated. But that happens when you play the game all the time. We all know Minecraft is a creative game and helps children increase IQ level and excess of everything is bad.

Minecraft Treasures

There are hidden treasures buried under the ground. The chest contains a huge variety of loot where you will be able to find gold, crystals, and diamonds.

How To Install

In PC, you can either buy Minecraft from Minecraft.net or download it free but in the free version you won’t be able to play it online. Same is the case with PS and XBOX.

Through this link, https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/ , you can either buy Minecraft or download it for free. In the PS and XBOX version, you will have to buy the CD or download it from playstore.


Minecraft was received very well by the critics calling it a wonderful experience. It is a kind of a game your parents would ask you to play. Minecraft has always ranked in the top 5 over the past 10 years. It seems like people will never get bored of it.

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