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Download Mobdro APK is the ultimate online video streaming app available for Android, iOS, iPhone, PC, tablets and even other smartphones. It’s the best HD entertainment application and you can download it here for free to start streaming absolutely anything, from documentaries to sports, any of the latest movies or TV shows, TV serials and even video games can be found through Mobdro APK.

You won’t find Mobdro on Google Play Store, but you can download it here for free and wrap your eyes around all the channels of IPTV, get the very latest film beamed straight from your smartphone – Android or iPhone – and hell, you can even download movies and TV shows to watch them offline. Mobdro is a nifty piece of software that has two options – freemium and premium.

The former is free, as the term freemium would suggest, but if you’re to upgrade to premium, there’s a few extra features that you get from your Mobdro app. So let’s take a quick look through the potential range of features you could be enjoying on Mobdro and whether it’s worth upgrading from freemium to premium, but to begin with, let’s begin at the beginning.

Download Mobdro APK

What is Mobdro APK and why should I download Mobdro?

Mobdro APK is a mobile app – a piece of software that enables you to turn your Android, iPhone or PC into an entertainment hub. Mobdro achieves this by scouring the internet for a link to a video stream of whatever you’re looking for, movies, TV shows, documentaries and live sports, it’s all available here on Mobdro APK.

Mobdro is free to download and free to watch things on, although there are adverts on the freemium version, but whether you decide to upgrade or not, you’re still getting access to the same amount of content. So long as there’s a video stream somewhere on the internet of the movies or TV shows you want to watch, then Mobdro will find it and give it to you in HD where available. It’s an all in one entertainment app and it’s available to download right here for free.

What’s the difference between Mobdro freemium and Mobdro premium?

Mobdro freemium boasts an insane library of entertainment media, you can watch movies and TV shows from across the world, all in the palm of your hand! Mobdro freemium is compatible with a range of devices and lets you access any video stream from the internet, meaning that neither you nor Mobdro are liable for any breach of copyright incurred by the original poster of the video stream. This means that even the very latest movies and newly released content from service providers like Netflix are available for free on Mobdro freemium.

Mobdro freemium does have adverts, but they’re not the kind that takes up your whole screen and they never last more than a few seconds. This is the price you pay for such a benevolent bounty of free TV shows and free movies, but sadly with Mobdro freemium, you won’t be able to download movies or TV shows onto your device – you’ll have to be content with online video streaming, which means no offline viewing of the latest movies on your smartphones folks.

Mobdro premium meanwhile offers you the same amount of movies and TV shows – it works in exactly the same way as Mobdro freemium in that it’ll track down a link to the video you’re looking for and allow you to watch it from you Android device, easy-peasy.
Mobdro APK
So with the same movie library available, why bother paying the little extra for Mobdro premium? Well, it’s not about what you can access, but more about what you can do. Mobdro premium and Mobdro freemium both let you watch any movie, any TV show in any language, but only Mobdro premium will let you download the video you’re watching and save it for offline viewing.

The key reason for upgrading to Mobdro premium is to escape the adverts. When you download Mobdro freemium, you’re basically downloading the movie equivalent of Spotify, which means you’ll be bombarded with irrelevant ads for all sorts of inane products while watching your movies and TV shows for free. Once you download Mobdro premium though, all that changes and the ads are a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy the suspense of a movie in peace.

Mobdro premium also lets you take its services to the big screen, utilising Chromecast support, allowing you to hook the app up to your TV, you lucky bugger! Chromecast integration is a fantastic way to link your Android device up to your Smart TV, assuming you have enough money to acquire all these wonderful devices, but either way, no longer do you need to watch epic movies on a 12 inch screen, get the premium version of Mobdro APK and you’re getting your hands on a home cinema kit, but without the costly price tag.

Mobdro premium also comes with a nifty little feature that’s often overlooked, the sleep timer means you can – like so many of us do in these strange times – fall asleep while watching TV shows for free and wake up without worrying about a dead battery. The sleep timer is a nice touch, because it saves you the extra hassle of getting out of bed to plug your phone in when you feel you’re getting drowsy. You can just hit the timer on and then when you fall asleep, Mobdro will pause your video and save it for when you wake up, saving you battery and the embarrassment of having to wipe sleep drool off your screen.

So I should download Mobdro APK right now then?

Absolutely! This is a timeless app that’s bound to develop further in the future, but before it becomes a huge success and presumably expensive, you can download Mobdro free right here. Don’t delay, download Mobdro APK today and get one of the most comprehensive online video streaming apps available to mankind for free right here.

If you like movies and TV shows but hate paying for them, you’ve come to the right page of the internet, because for free, right here, you can download Mobdro APK and get all of the precious movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports streams that you need to make your life worth living. Download Mobdro APK free here.

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