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Paytm APK


December 25, 2018


Paytm APK


Download Paytm APK – the number one e-commerce payment system in India right now, that gives you the chance to be a part of the digital revolution while simultaneously taking charge of your wealth management. Coming straight out of tech hub NOIDA SEZ, Paytm is a smart digital wallet that lets you deal with a huge range of payments in the real world.

Can over 200 million users be wrong? Well, maybe don’t answer that, but really though – Paytm is the future and the longer you hold onto the dirty wads of cash, the harder it’ll be to adapt when the machines take over. Mark my words, they will, so download Paytm APK to appease our future robot overlords. The best thing you can give your Android or iPhone this year is Paytm.
Whether you need to make a postpaid bill payment, or your electricity bill payment, if it’s a money transfer to pay hush money to former Playboy models or if you just need to make a bank to bank transfer, Paytm is the app you need, if you’re in India. As smooth an painless as a solid morning bowel movement, Paytm is available in 10 Indian languages and is ready to help you get your hands on all those luscious deals you’ve been clamouring for with quick payments, making business simple.

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How did India become one of the leading countries for digital wallets and e-commerce payment systems?

Good question, but the success of Paytm and other services that provide e-commerce payment system services needs to be understood in the context of India’s recent developments, as these have taken place at a national level and at a dizzying rate. Nobody expected it to happen so fast, in 2015 credit card giant Mastercard issued a report stating that India was one of the countries least prepared for transition to a digital, e-commerce scenario.

Back in 2009, not even 10 years ago, over 50% of Indians had no form of ID, which – naturally enough – made banking impossible, given that you’d need a minimum proof of identification to open an account. It had been cited as one of the biggest issues stunting India’s development, as it prevented the majority of the country from starting a business, but even every day things like bill payment were difficult.

Then along came Aadhaar in 2009 and everything in India began changing rapidly. In what has since been heralded the largest and most successful IT project ever, Aadhaar essentially acts as a colossal biometric database that issues all Indian citizens a 12 digit number, like a social security number, that is then verified with retina scanning and fingerprints.

By 2016, things were already changing, but the advent of India Stack helped ensure that India’s transformation from a country where the concept a digital wallet was entirely obsolete and e-commerce payment systems were used for just 2% of all transactions.

India Stack created a nationwide database that contained everything – and yes, I do mean everything. All of the data you could possibly hope to acquire about Indian citizens rests in the vaults of India Stack, addresses, date of birth, employment records, medical history, tax filings, bank statements, property ownership – all the personal data that Indian citizens have never before had formally stored were now available online.

This was all taking place against the political backdrop of Prime Minister Modi attempting to crack down on corruption by banning cash. Well, not all cash – that would have been too extreme, but in 2016, Modi’s ban on cash affected about 95% of the money in circulation and while the transition was not exactly what you’d be able to call smooth with a straight face, people died after all, but it has since stabilised and now somewhere in the region of 97% of the country’s 1.4 billion citizens now have bank accounts.
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So demonetization has led to fertile grounds for e-commerce payment systems like Paytm

The whole business of paying for things has completely changed now, since Paytm started up in 2012, where, straight off the bat, it was already winning awards for innovation – looking back at that from the vantage point of the present, it’s easy to see why.

Now, Paytm offers the fastest prepaid mobile and online recharge, as well as Airtel prepaid recharge or postpaid mobile in India, covering the largest telecom providers in the country:

– Airtel
– Matrix Postpaid
– Tata Docomo
– Tata Indicom
– Vodafone
– Telenor
– Jio

– MTNL Avail discounts for mobile recharge and even on postpaid bill payment

So long as you have data on your Android or iPhone and you’ve linked Paytm with you bank account, then you can use Paytm just like any digital wallet, to pay with things using the QR Code Scanner, to send money to people via bank to bank transfer – all while enjoying a 0% charge from your own bank!

It’s simple, secure and effective. Paytm is taking over India’s e-commerce payment systems market and it’s not hard to see why, even though it’s currently used by a relatively small percentage of the population, projections look strong for Paytm to grow indefinitely, as does the list of functions it performs.

Other great features you can enjoy when you download Paytm free here

Already Paytm can be used to book trips both domestic and international, with Paytm being accepted on all major public transport company’s websites, but also booking hotels, paying at restaurants and an ever growing list of amenities, the full list of which can be found at

From gift cards to phone credit, food bills to electricity bills, Paytm is the future – especially as India moves faster and faster towards the ultimate end goal of having created a cashless society. There’s no point trying to resist the future, you’re essentially pissing into a hurricane if you don’t download Paytm free here.

Turn your iPhone or Android into a digital wallet with this free download of Paytm and join the other 200 million users throughout India who’ve put their data to good use, or rather to every use, as Paytm looks set to overtake the use cash in the coming years. Now is the time to get a better understanding of the e-commerce payment systems that will be defining our lives, now is the time to download Paytm.

With Paytm you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the electricity will never be cut off, the water won’t run out and you’ll always have your phone topped up and ready to go, as Paytm uses some of the safest, most secure technology on the market to ensure that your life runs as smoothly as your Paytm app. Never worry again about missing a bill payment, with Paytm you can set up direct debits and automatic payments, along with reminders and alerts to keep you up to date with where your money’s moving. 0% charges from your bank guarantee that you’ll be able to use Paytm freely wherever you are in India.

Don’t be left behind, the digital revolution is already well underway, download Paytm free today. India’s number one digital wallet can be yours now with just one click, download Paytm now and become a part of the future, or die as a shadow of the past. Download Paytm free here.

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