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Download Showbox APK – the leading force in the movie and TV show streaming and downloading app movement! It’s completely free and simple enough that even a blind wombat could do it, although a blind wombat might not have much need for Showbox APK – or a smartphone. Anyway, download Showbox APK and gain access to every movie ever made, binge-watch trending TV shows and discover more, only with this free download of Showbox.
Showbox is the free mobile app available for iOS, Android and compatible with Chromecast, that turns your TV or Smart TV into a digital media library. Boasting an impressive database of films, TV shows and music, Showbox can be downloaded on your laptop, personal computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices right here for free.
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Why should I download Showbox APK?

You’ll need at least one functioning eyeball to really get the most out of Showbox, but beyond that you’ll require an internet connection and some sort of mobile device, laptop or personal computer – Showbox works equally well across all platforms, so if you’re a diehard Android fan, you won’t need to convert to the creepy Brotherhood of Apple to enjoy watching movies and TV shows for free.

Maybe you’ve just woken up from a coma and, upon staggering out of hospital, naked as the day you were born, you’ve just discovered Game of Thrones and now, fuelled by the same insatiable quest that all GoT fans are now filled with, you need to catch up on all previous seasons of Game of Thrones before the finale comes out.

Maybe you’ve just not had the cash to afford some of the pay to view streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video and you just don’t feel like selling a kidney on the black market to rewatch Breaking Bad. Hell, maybe you just want to catch up with the latest box office hits without paying the rip-off cinema prices – nobody could blame you for wanting to circumvent copyright laws when faced with those prices! Showbox lets you do all of these things for free.

In spite of said copyright laws though, a lot of movie streaming apps and technology exist, but the relatively cheap access to paid services like Netflix et al has squashed a lot of smaller websites and apps. That being said, some giants like Popcorn Time and Showbox have survived, infuriating movie studios and the entirety of the film distribution industry along the way with their continued free movie streaming services.

Unlike Popcorn though, Showbox has proven time and time again that it hosts a far great database of media content, has a better selection of servers for uninterrupted access and has risen to the top of the free movie streaming service game through an intuitive, simple and flexible interface.

How do apps like Showbox get away with free movie streaming and downloading?

With an exponentially rising number of internet users springing up from an assortment of mobile phones, tablets, devices, laptops, personal computers – hell even if you use a Macintosh, you’re going to want to make the most of the internet. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee founded the internet, it was with the intention that it would remain a free service, full of free content, that internet users could share among one another unimpeded.

That dream died when the greedy corporations sank their vampiric fangs into the neck of the internet and now, a battle rages between those who believe the internet should remain free and those who insist you pay them for what they’ve put onto a publicly free and accessible forum. Unsurprisingly, those who want your money or your life for a subscription to whatever streaming media they’ve produced are usually those who’re involved in television or film investment, movie studios, movie distribution and while they’ve enjoyed years of success, they have yet to adapt to the changing of the times and the rise of digital distribution.

Showbox APK and other movie streaming and downloading application software have come under increasing pressure from movie studios, who cite copyright issues when videos, music and other multimedia have been found by internet users through free media players. Regardless though, Showbox, Moviebox, Popcorn Time and other select few movie streaming apps have survived and will continue to do so.

Founded in 1996 in South Korea, Showbox APK has continued to grow, now ranking as one of the top film distribution, film investment and production companies, operating under the umbrella company Mediaplex Inc. – Orion Group’s entertainment branch that disseminates a wide variety of multimedia.

Watch Movies on ShowBOX

Watch Movies on ShowBOX

What features can I expect if I download Showbox APK free here?

Download Showbox mobile app for iOS or Android and it’s completely free! It’s the same regardless of what hardware you’re using the application software on, iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Android, laptop, Xbox, Xbox One or personal computer (PC) – Showbox is remains free to use across them all. Just download Showbox free here and start watching!

  • Stunning visuals – Showbox can load your videos and file playlists in whichever resolution works best; 360p, 720p, HD and 4K, so whether you’ve got a huge smart TV that you want to show off to your date when you Netflix and chill, or if you’re watching on your mobile app during your morning commute, choose the best Showbox resolution for you and your hardware.
  • Online and offline functionality – Showbox is always available and frees up your computer memory by allowing streaming services, or downloading for offline viewing of all your favourite TV shows and movies.
  • An ever-expanding database of movies, TV shows, videos, music, multimedia and more is available to watch for free online and offline with Showbox as the very latest box office hits and binge-worthy TV shows are uploaded through peer to peer computer networking every day!
  • While Showbox isn’t available on Play Store due to copyright issues, it is free to download here.
  • You can also use Bluestacks to get the Showbox APK running on Macintosh. Cydia also offers a free download for iOS and Mactintosh, but there are reports of a virus riddled Showbox emulator being downloaded from Cydia, so DON’T DOWNLOAD THERE! You can get a safe, secure and free download of Showbox right here.
  • Any and all bugs are generally fixed by a patch solution within 24 hours of being made known to Showbox developers, so you can enjoy your movies and TV shows with speed, high resolution and most importantly free!
  • Jam packed with subtitles, knowledge and multimedia from around the world, Showbox APK can be used anywhere, by anyone. Showbox is an essential app for anyone with a basic knowledge of media technology – from film fanatics to movie critics, Showbox has it all.
  • The simple interface means you can install and operate Showbox without any drama – it’s so easy! You can hook it up to your smart TV using your Android device, laptop or personal computer (and your iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices) making it a sleek, versatile movie streaming app that’s free and within your grasp.
  • With a growing list of free streaming and downloading movie and TV show titles, Showbox has something for everyone – from drama lovers to horror users, action junkies and research documentaries, it’s all there, it’s all free, only on Showbox.

With a number of movie studios hoping to keep their films playing only in the theatre, the need for Showbox is greater now than ever before! This free download can give you access to a whole world of movies, TV shows and more, but like any information appliance – people exist across the world who want to see it shut down.

Be vigilant, keep your IP address hidden by a VPN, cover your tracks because Showbox APK is a fantastic app and we can’t afford to lose it to the big-wigs at the movie studios and the dirty money junkies in the film distribution industry. Download Showbox APK free here and then get yourself some protection for your IP address.

The time is now to take back control, the internet is here and don’t let people tell you that Showbox is illegal, unsafe or unethical – it’s the job of the luddites in the movie studios to figure out how to evolve in a time of changing technology, Showbox simply offers a service that people desperately want. And who could blame them? Times are dark, times are strange – we need all the distractions we can get to escape all this hideousness and why should we have to pay for such a basic human right as the right to distraction? Showbox – the media player of the people!

Download Showbox APK free and use it for streaming and downloading all your favourite movies and TV shows immediately, online or offline, download Showbox free and follow the steps to install it. Simple and free, Showbox is a perfect example what the internet ought to be. Download Showbox free here.

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