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Spotify Premium APK


December 25, 2018


Spotify Premium APK


Download Spotify Premium APK free today and get your music on loud enough to rattle your colleagues at the office – they never had you pegged for a death metal enthusiast and now they’re intimidated by you! All because of this free download of Spotify Premium APK – download Spotify Premium and pay nothing, dodge the fees, enjoy the free music!

Spotify Ltd. is one of the leading music streaming providers on the face of the planet and now you can own their premium service without paying a penny! Tell the black market gangs that your kidneys are not for sale, you won’t need to sell off body parts and internal organs once you get your hands on Spotify Premium APK for free. No more advertisements, much more music!

At last, a music streaming service that lets you listen to a range of artists and albums – any genre, any record label and even make your own personalised playlist. Sporting over 40 million songs all available to you, online and offline, Spotify Premium opens up your ears and comes inside!

Whether your umbilical cord is still trailing behind you and you listen to prime wind-guffers like Justin Bieber, Drake and the late XXXTentacion, or you like real music, like Johnny Cash and Motorhead, Spotify Premium has an intense library of songs, spanning across all genres and tastes, Spotify Premium is free to download here and brings people together to keep the music going.

Spotify Premium APK Free

A brief history of Spotify and how it conquered the world of music streaming

Celebrating its 10th birthday in 2018, Spotify rapidly rose from the humble beginnings in Sweden, but was immediately listed on the New York Stock Exchange and gained support from rabid music fans across the world. Now, available to download free on Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, smartphones, tablets, your computer and basically any device with an internet connection and speakers, Spotify has made its way across 78 countries in the world.

Impressive stuff, especially considering that Spotify started out with just a freemium service available, which some of you may remember from those heady days of 2008, where a free trial of Spotify freemium was still pretty good.

For those unfamiliar with the abominable jargon that is freemium, it means the service is free to use, but there will be advertisements, restrictions and limitations that are only available to those who’re willing to pay for a separate, premium version. If you’re not too fussed about quality, speed and freedom of choice, then the freemium version of Spotify is probably fine for you, but for anyone with two functioning ears, it’s an outrage!

So along came Spotify Premium, to grab a hold of all those outstretched hands demanding to be lifted up to music heaven. To be fair, the advertisements on the Spotify freemium app are the sort of banal, mind-numbing horrors that make you want to stick a firework in each ear and wait for the soothing sound of silence to whisk you away from it all.

How do artists get paid through Spotify?

It’s not quite the same as buying a CD like some sort of dinosaur living in the dredges of the past, nor is it as useful to artists as downloading their new album, but Spotify have been remarkably crafty about the way in which they acquire new music for their expanding library. Beforehand there was a simple flat rate that Spotify paid to the artists and whoever owned the copyright for their music, but things changed as Spotify grew.

While most streaming services or download platforms offer musicians a cut of all their download sales or pay royalties, Spotify goes for a more blunt force trauma approach to getting paid. Having escalated their fan base from 36 million monthly users in 2013, Spotify now command the online sound waves, with a whopping 191 million monthly users in 2018. Staggering growth from such a small music streaming start-up, but now, with around 87 million subscriptions belonging to people who actually pay their hard-earned cash each month to Spotify, why is that money not trickling back to the music industry?

Well, truth be told, it is – although the way that money is divided up is currently the freshest scandal that Spotify has been soaked in the blood of. Take artists like Justin Bieber, Drake and Beyonce – celebrity A-listers, musical maestros with superbowl advertisements to their name, packed out stadiums and a rabid fan base that’s so loyal, they could form a highly trained, highly dedicated army that many world superpowers would struggle to contain.

Under Spotify’s current payment system, these are the big dogs taking home the biggest bones. For example, if Justin Bieber’s latest nausea-inducing word vomit of a song happens to make up 5% of Spotify’s monthly plays, then Spotify will give Justin Bieber a 5% cut of the profits made from monthly paid subscription fees. This initially seems like a fair deal for Bieber and the big boy crew, but look closer and you can see why so many musicians are pissed off.

Should a particularly small artist or band have a minimal but loyal following, dedicated to playing nothing but their music on Spotify, then they will see no extra money, despite having people who only listen to them repeatedly without ever listening to Justin Bieber. This pro rata approach that Spotify operates on overtly favours big celebrity artists, as smaller bands tend to make up a smaller percentage of the overall number of plays with regards to their songs.

Will Spotify change how it pays artists then?

The answer is still maybe – lots of people from across the music industry are calling for a user-centric means of repayment, where subscription fees from users go directly to the artists that they listen to, rather than being split across a number of more popular artists who those users never listen to.

Many argue that a user-centric system would be fairer and give smaller artists the representative amount of remuneration that they deserve. The argument has gained enough traction that rivals like Deezer, Apple Music, PlayStation Music and Amazon Music Unlimited are already contemplating

making the switch as music fans begin to boycott Spotify for the unjust preferential treatment of people who’re already so fabulously wealthy they could probably buy a mid-sized American state without having to worry too much about the future. When a decrepit market giant like Itunes Store is even looking at changing, it’s probably high time to embrace the future.

So you’re saying it’s my moral and civic duty to download Spotify Premium for free?

Absolutely! Download Spotify Premium here and get involved in the resistance! Rather than handing over $9.99 every month to a company that, yes, does make an incredibly brilliant music streaming website, but also rips off smaller artists, you can just download Spotify Premium APK here free!

Now that Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and large parts of Africa and Asia all have access to Spotify Premium, with more countries to come, isn’t it worth getting access to Spotify Premium now, while it’s still free? If you build it, they will come and when they’re here, you can make a lot of money off subscriptions, so why can’t all artists make fair money off royalties?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pop, hip-hop, electronic, Rock, Dance, R&B, Latin Music or death metal that gets you going – artists spend hours, days, months and years working to produce sonic gifts for your ears. Just for your entertainment, they can spend up to ten hours on just the lyrics, but you can listen to them for free, provided that their entire collection of albums or music is available on Spotify.

It’s been all over the news, as well as music marketer blogs and now it’s part of the public debate on Spotify. With big brands and studios like Universal Music Group campaigning for better digital rights management with which to protect both the music market, their own shares and income of singers and songwriters, it’s looking like the winds of change are about to cause a hurricane through the office of Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek.

Can Spotify and the music industry keep up with the technology available?

With an exponentially increasing reliance on our computer, our tablet devices and all the new technologies that are emerging year after year, laws must too evolve in order to better protect people from these new technologies – whether they’re mobile devices, social media platforms or anything else that takes our personal data over WiFi.

Spotify’s reluctance to deal with the problem could see them losing out to more forward thinking music streaming brands who’re willing to listen to both their artists and their audiences, but regardless of the actions of the company, Spotify Ltd. still command a huge share of the market and have created a product that functions beautifully. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the features you can expect with Spotify Premium APK, which you can download free here.
Download Spotify Premium APK

Why you should download Spotify Premium free here

– Spotify freemium is a great service, no doubt, but Spotify Premium is an exceptionally good app to download. First reason is obvious – no more goddamned advertisement hell! The overload of ads in the freemium version is a huge turn-off and for those who love their music uninterrupted, Spotify Premium is the only way to go.

– Access on mobile devices – this may sound obvious, but Spotify Premium as a mobile app is an absolute game-changer, especially when you’ve put hours of work into creating the perfect playlist.

– Better compression rates means better sound – not only will you get your music streaming in seconds rather than waiting for servers to free up, you’ll get better quality music at 320kbps, which is the best way to listen to your favourite punk rock singles compilation. It’s like you’re in the studio with your favourite band!

– Offline listening – save up to 10,000 songs on your offline account, you can either spread this across devices, or just have all 10,000 of them saved as mp3 audio files on your offline Spotify Premium account.

– Spotify Premium gives you access to Spotify Connect – this lets you control what’s playing from your laptop using your smartphone or PlayStation.

– With Spotify Premium you’re able to watch music videos as well, which – of course – you can save as an offline mp4 file, with instructions for each mobile device detailed in full on – although, Spotify Top Hits is still in the beta phase, which is where this feature can be accessed.

I know you must have images in your head of a terrible mistake that’s allowed you to get Spotify Premium for free, given that there are so many fee paying subscribers, but alas – here it is! Download Spotify Premium APK free for Android device or download Spotify Premium for iOS and Apple related mobile devices. Get the party started, only with Spotify Premium. Download Spotify Premium free here.

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