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Summertime Saga APK

December 25, 2018


Summertime Saga APK


Download Summertime Saga APK – this is the ultimate fetish game for all those horny, frustrated young men out there, god knows there’s a lot of you. Applying the storytelling ingenuity to what is essentially The Sims, but with porn, Summertime Saga APK takes the visual novel, strips it naked and forces it to do press-ups.

You star as the protagonist, a young man returning to his college town following the mysterious death of his father. From here on out, you’ve got several missions to embark on, although sex dominates the antics of your spunky young hero by a long way. Remember all the 90s games that Sierra used to put out? Summertime Saga is like that, but again – it’s all about sex, instead of elves, orcs and that kind of stuff. The only fantasy present here is recurring wet dreams.

Allegedly, when you download Summertime Saga, your primary purposes in the game are to uncover the mystery of your father’s demise, earn enough money to pay for the college tuition that you’re definitely not making the most of (at the start of the game, you find out you’re failing all of your classes…) and naturally enough, you’re on the ostensibly innocent quest to find a date for the Sorority ball, but romping your way across town in the process of sourcing a suitable companion can’t hurt right?
Download Summertime Saga APK

What the hell is Summertime Saga APK?

Don’t worry, I had to ask the exact same question before getting around to writing this. Sorry, yeah – a quick introduction is probably in order! Summertime Saga APK, you can download it here for free, it’s a dating sim, visual novel and an adult adventure game fused into one steamy, sexy mess of a game. So it goes without saying that Summertime Saga APK is 18+ material and so anyone under the age of 18 should stop reading this.

Developed by DarkCookie, an independent games developer, Summertime Saga sets you up for a choose your own adventure style experience on Android, but with anal and breastfeeding as potential fetish options to explore, rather than the usual goblin slaying tropes of these kind of games.

Summertime Saga APK is available for Windows, Linux and Android – it’s a game that lets you take control of the main protagonist – a young man who’s father has just died, possibly after some dealing with the mafia, but you’ll have to uncover that for yourself while simultaneously trying to have as much anal sex as you possibly can.

When you download Summertime Saga APK, you’re basically downloading a very sexually charged detective story. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but the rumours are already circulating

the protagonist’s college town – his father was in some serious debt to the mafia, but the police are yet to turn up any concrete evidence, so you decide now is the time to impregnate half the town.

The storyline to Summertime Saga is surprisingly good though!

While Summertime Saga may not sound like the game to download if you’re looking for an interactive storytelling experience, chiefly because the primary aim of the game is just to get laid over and over and over again, which could be art imitating life or just a particular perverse bent from the gaming developer’s perspective.

Either way, there’s a lot of characters, each with their own subplots and a lot of mini games for you to take part in later – all of it is designed to help you acquire more sex. Sex is literally the only real end goal beyond making enough money to pay off your college tuition and attempting to uncover the mystery of what happened to your now dead father. It’s bizarre, unique and utterly intense – which is why you can opt to start the game with “Cheats Mode” on which gives you pretty much instant access to all the features that you can unlock throughout the game.

And by features I mean vaginas, mostly. Although if you’ve got a foot fetish, a breastfeeding fetish or maybe you’re into anal sex, public sex, spanking or straight up exhibitionism – Summertime Saga lets you rack up an impressive harem of women who’re all into different things, so your job is to hump them all into submission until you can establish which one really does it for you. It makes no difference to your character though, he’s happy to stuck his penis into almost anything, but seems especially adept at whacking off by himself, at least for the earlier levels.
Is Summertime Saga attempting to live out the teen male fantasy? Funded by Patreon, Summertime Saga APK brings you an ever expanding series of narrative twists from a remarkably hard-working young team of developers. Obviously, any game that revolves around one teenage boy’s desire for anal sex with every woman in the neighbourhood is probably not one to play in front of your family, nor even on a shared device – definitely not on public transport, Jesus.
Summertime Saga APK
Summertime Saga is a highly stylistic game with stunning art, design and graphics

As far as adult themed video gaming goes, Summertime Saga provides some well-rounded entertainment and does so without compromising on the artistic values of the game. Dating sims usually don’t go into this level of detail with creating a narrative this rich and the idea that you are the main character, making all of the choices that may or may not lead to getting your end away, is part of the thrill, I suspect.

Summertime Saga falls somewhere between the visual novel and the dating sim, both of which I’ll explain shortly, but first – a word on the style and images of Summertime Saga APK. It follows the manga, hentai illustrative techniques native, typical of Japanese cartoons, although in terms of narrative – everything from the appearance, actions, behaviour and rampant sexuality of the characters is very, very American. The Japanese style lends itself well to Summertime Saga, with cut scenes and animations that hark back to a different time of Japanese gaming.

The artistic detail that goes into Summertime Saga is part of what makes it an erotic, 18+ only kind of visual novel. Visual novels are interactive games, often Japanese, where you’ll make the decisions

to advance the narrative further. Usually, however, there’s limited mention of anal sex, but the interactive anime-style art of Summertime Saga lures you in, right through the back door.

Use the mouse to guide your character around the map, unlock new areas, new characters – each with their own subplot, which thankfully happens to run parallel to the protagonist’s main quest, which is to catch as many exotic STDs as possible.

The gameplay doesn’t suffer in Summertime Saga at the expense of sex

The internet is so awash with pornography now that every time you want to access something online, you have to beat off feral porn stars who’ve been forgotten about on the web as they try to claw they way out of your screen and onto your dick. We live in fast and turbulent times, life is tough, property prices skyrocket, food shortages loom, maniacs are at the helms of all the world’s nuclear arsenals, but finding porn is still remarkably easy.

As such, Summertime Saga APK doesn’t just try to out-sex itself or out-sex the internet, namely because if it attempted the latter, it would lose badly to the sheer volume pornography that exists out there in cyberspace. The gameplay as a result is rich, addictive and wonderfully interlinked – certain missions won’t be possible to complete until you’ve already helped out another character (who you also have to copulate with at some point) and this is how the narrative takes the man about town all over town. It’s all part of the graphical adventure when it comes to Summertime Saga.

Stats and how important they are to your sex life in Summertime Saga

In terms of progress, Summertime Saga sets you up with a few key variables that you need to work on, these are referred to by Summertime Saga’s fandom as stats, which are then broken down into categories:

– Strength – Summertime Saga is going to put you in some compromising positions and you’ll need to be able to defend yourself at some points, but also you’ll require this act bravely too and there’s no shortage of opportunities for that, so head to the gym.

– You can work on your strength using the help of Kevin – the college janitor – who’ll spot you while you lift weights and yell at you when you fail to keep up with his demanding regime.

– Also worth noting that to get Kevin’s muscle motivation, you’ll need to get someone to cover his shift. Your pal Erik is probably your best bet, but whoever you choose to try and cover Kevin’s custodial duties, you’ll have to help them in some way, run an errand or buy them a gift. This in turn will send you on some weird mad-hat adventure where most likely, you’ll bump into more highly shaggable ladies that will trigger new quests to pop up like a morning boner.

– Dexterity – Totally different from strength but earned in a similar way. Again, this will be highly useful as far as stats go, especially if you think you have any chance of porking one of the numerous yoga fanatics that strut about Summertime Saga as though they’re perpetually on their way to star in a rap video. Nevertheless, you’ll need to hit the gym again if you want to get dextrous enough for a Mr. Universe contest.

– Earning my dexterity isn’t as easy as just doing some cardio, because that would be far too easy, instead, you’ll need to learn Muay Thai from an old man and a punching bag, which

will make you dextrous enough to perform sexual feats that defy reason, belief and the laws of physics.

– Again though, all is not so simple as you might think – the old man who’ll teach you how to box in order to build your dexterity is not in it for the money. Don’t be a fool, you can’t just pay this guy to train you up, no! You must first deliver him fresh women’s panties, which is probably the most Japanese element of the gameplay.

– Charisma – This is probably one skill that you genuinely would need in order to pursue a member of the opposite sex, unless your chosen mate is keen on remaining static in silence and occasionally venturing so far as to put Netflix on.

– Growing your charisma stats is actually fairly straight forward, oddly, given that it’s easier to grow muscle than it is to grow a personality, but hey – you’re a well-adjusted teen male (most likely) and doubtless you’ve already got a great personality, you’re looking at Summertime Saga APK after all…

– To get more charisma, just attend the rap battles that take place in the park every night – Summertime Saga sets this up as a series of questions, so don’t worry, you won’t need to be a teenybopper Eminem before you can lay some proverbial pipe. Spit them bars and you get more charismatic and therefore instantly more fuckable, once again, art imitates life here with Summertime Saga.

– Intelligence – it’s rare for a game to encourage you to develop intelligence, but Summertime Saga APK is not your average Android game. Racking up IQ points is as important to getting laid as having a driver’s license is to swimming, if the entire Midwest of America is anything to go by. Christ, what a mess out there.

– Nurturing your intelligence is also relatively simple and certainly doesn’t have you committing all kinds of tomfoolery across town in a simple bid to enhance your intelligence. Summertime Saga lets you build this stat very easily just by playing computer games, which might seem a little self-congratulatory if it weren’t for the fact that all the stat building activities end up becoming part of the many mini games that crop up throughout Summertime Saga.

You’ll need a LOT of money for all that sex you want in Summertime Saga

I repeat, you’ll need a tonne of cash money to get round to having sex with everyone. Nobody we’ve encountered in Summertime Saga is an actual prostitute or at least not professionally, although one character, Jenny, is big into letting you live video stream her fairly graphic cam-girl lifestyle – one that you’ll essentially have to fund if you want her to give you that footjob scenario you’ve been dreaming of.

As you point-and-click your way through the visual novel that is Summertime Saga, you’ll need to earn some mad dollar to do some of the missions and remember, it’s only through getting women into some serious debt with you that you’ll ever be able to sleep with them. The need to get yourself out of debt is also present, every time you’re caught masturbating or perving on someone in the shower, the changing rooms or their own bedroom, you’ll get a slightly raunchy telling off, with the (mostly) female characters then telling you that you owe them.

More often than not, when they collect that debt, it’ll involve more sex, sex toys or lingerie because god is dead and this is the strange brutal universe we inhabit in Summertime Saga. Aside from

paying you preposterous amounts for the labour you do, people are seemingly only willing to hire you for jobs lifted straight out of the scenario scripts of porno films from the 80s.

You can mow the lawn and live off the land in Diane’s garden before cooling off with her in the shed where she puts on a cow costume and you milk her…

You can deliver pizza and use the opportunities available there to learn where people live, sneak into their rooms and attempt to spy on them getting naked, which they always seem to be doing just as you arrive with the pizza they consciously ordered.

Other than that, the odd scenario in Summertime Saga will see you getting money, rather than blowing it all on sex toys, which almost seem to be a currency unto themselves in Summertime Saga APK.

Download Summertime Saga and you’re getting a glimpse into an especially weird world, one envisaged by DarkCookie and co. as they bring a sexually charged story of hormones set in a world where wet dreams are your spiritual guidance, dildos are all anyone ever wants and sex acts are your means of interacting with people. If it weren’t all rendered in manga art style it would probably be a pretty hideous reflection of the guttural, bestial nature of humanity in the gutter.

Reflections on how to get (a)head in Summertime Saga APK – Top Tips

It’s definitely worth remembering that at the moment, you can only download the Alpha version of Summertime Saga, which means that essentially, it isn’t finished. DarkCookie and team will be adding plenty more sexy characters into the game, all of them with their own fetishes and subplots which will – spoiler alert – see you sexing them up according to their fetishes, probably.

It also means that Summertime Saga could change and the details we’ve listed here may alter as the funding from the game comes directly from supporters on Patreon – this was probably not what Patreon had in mind when they were setting up a means of supporting artists, but what the hell, if you’re a 65 year old man with more cash than needed, an Android or Windows device and the need to release some magical hand shandy, then maybe you can donate.

Currently, there are plenty of female characters that you’re able to cavort about with, but there are still a lot of women in this graphical adventure that, somehow, just don’t feel like letting your main character inside of their holiest of holes. Shocking, I know.

Stay cool though, there are rumours of a new series of cut scenes that may or may not be video streams, but we’re yet to confirm if this is true. We’re also hearing that as Summertime Saga continues to develop, there’s going to be the introduction of a few more features, so that’ll have an effect on the gameplay, like more bangable characters, others, like a bug tracker and a Subscriber identity module, aim to make Summertime Saga more accessible and less buggy for players on various devices.

While so far, Summertime Saga has enjoyed a good reputation for fixing bugs with patches and updates, the need to develop a greater bug tracker is apparent, but come on folks, they’re a very small team and they already work very hard to bring you the graphical adventure, the visual novel, the naughtiest of digital media – Summertime Saga.

We know that most of you’ll be playing with one hand on the mouse, one hand down the pants and an urgent desire to get the fapping done before your parents walk in to put you to bed, but please spare a thought for DarkCookie developers, they’ve got access to limited servers, resources and funds, so slow that hand down, keep one firmly gripped on the mouse and be patient!

You can download Summertime Saga APK free here and gain access to the ever-expanding and utterly bizarre world that DarkCookie has built. It’s not the average graphic adventure, namely due to the sheer fixation on anal sex, but hell – you can download Summertime Saga free – a game that lets you have anal sex in it! That’s more than your wife or girlfriend is going to do, so download Summertime Saga APK free here today, it’s better than your sexual partners if only for the fact that in Summertime Saga, every female character (almost) is about ready to become your sexual partner.

Download Summertime Saga APK free – go get laid, loser.

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