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Download UkTvNow APK free and turn any device – from your smartphone to your PC – to your own personalised online entertainment app! Enjoy HD live streaming from over 150 channels beamed directly into your iPhone or Android from across the world, wherever you are. Gain access to all the latest TV from Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, United Kingdom and the USA, just download this one handy mobile app – download UkTvNow APK for free.

Few entertainment apps have done so much for your smartphone as UkTvNow APK – it’s an impressive piece of technology that lets you slob out and dribble over your screen while you anesthetise yourself from the torturous realities that lurk beyond the screen – don’t look away, don’t miss a moment, just keep watching the entertainment live streaming from space as it crashes into your face like a runaway freight train hitting an orphanage.

Packing a comprehensive punch to your productivity, UkTvNow lets you examine how lazy you’d be had you been born in one of those TV obsessed countries like Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, United Kingdom or the USA, but UkTvNow is cheaper than a plane ticket and so you don’t need to go get drunk in a hotel room to see how bad TV is in any of these countries, you can do it all using UkTvNow – the online app that lets you slob about like someone in a different country!
Download UkTvNow APK

I love TV – is UkTvNow the right video streaming application for me?

Don’t worry about picking the crumbs out of the flab folds, with UkTvNow you’ll never need to leave the sofa again! With over 150 channels to choose from, UkTvNow can keep you sedated and placid from the cradle to the grave, presuming you were fortunate enough to be born with a high-quality smartphone in your hand.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re into – UkTvNow has such an incredibly vast range of shows to choose from that you might as well cancel your plans for the rest of your life and dedicate the one solitary existence you’ve been granted by the universe to catching up on live TV from around the world.

If you’re into watching those reality shows where a friendly, albeit smarmy well-dressed presenter mediates between lower income families and lovers as they resolve their disputes on everything from fashion to religion on live TV, purely for the sake of your entertainment, then you can get Jeremy Kyle from the UK, Jerry Springer from the USA or presumably there’ll be some sort of awful jackass doing this in other countries too. Don’t worry, with UkTvNow, you’ll find the sort of mind-rotting TV that gets you damp in the panties.

More multimedia on the go than any other video streaming application

UkTvNow APK lets you feast your eyes on all the live TV that’s happening from around the world, but with over 150 channels at your disposal, you’ll probably find the will to leave your living room slowly sapped away in a motionless blur of takeout food and eyes glued to the screen. On the off-chance that your legs haven’t atrophied to a pair of deflated skin stockings, UkTvNow is available on your smartphone so you can keep watching wherever you go!

Speaking of the screen – the best thing about UkTvNow APK is not just the ridiculous amount of high-quality live TV and entertainment that you can get out of this mobile app, but it’s the fact that it is a mobile app! Whether you’ve got half a brain and as a result, an Android, or if you drank the Kool-Aid and bought an iPhone or an iPad, UkTvNow doesn’t care – it’ll work on any platform, even your PC.

Link your account and synchronise UkTvNow across your various devices, so wherever you go, you can keep staring aimlessly at the screen, no matter what size that screen is! Just don’t get hit by a car and if you do, don’t even think about suing UkTvNow, they have some scary looking lawyers so I’m told, so really – I wouldn’t even try it. Just don’t watch live TV in traffic, which I shouldn’t even have to say, but when you’ve got live TV streaming from France in eye-gouging HD quality, it’s hard not to get caught up in the sheer majesty of it all.

That being said, you could always just sit at home, use your smart TV instead of your smartphone and make the absolute most of UkTvNow, which offers 150 channels, all in stunning HD or 4K where available. Whether you just watch to watch a simple video clip or whether you want to use this free video streaming application to watch live TV, UkTvNow has more than enough to keep you indoors like some sort of hairless hibernating bear.

I’ve got this thing called Kodi, will UkTvNow work with Kodi?

Absolutely! It’s a match made in heaven, with UkTvNow running through Kodi, your privacy and security is enhanced, but also you can use UkTvNow through the familiar interface of Kodi.


Here’s how to install UkTvNow on Kodi

– You need to download UkTvNow APK here – it’s free after all, so you’ve got nothing to lose

– While you wait for your download of UkTvNow APK, open Kodi on your device

– Once open, head to ‘Settings’ on Kodi – it’s the one that looks like a little cog

– Click on ‘System Settings’ and then click on ‘Add-ons’ – here you’ll be able to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ If you don’t do this, Kodi won’t let you operate a third party program within it, which would be like turning up to the cinema, buying one ticket and trying to sneak your entire family in. Except that Kodi and UkTvNow are both free!

– Return to the Home screen, where you can now click on ‘Add-ons’ – the button on the left hand side menu bar

– Click ‘Enter add-on browser’ and then click install from .zip file – this is what your UkTvNow APK download came in, so it should be easy to find, but in case you’ve lost it, just click download UkTvNow APK on this page to download UkTvNow free, again

– Climb into the UkTvNow .zip folder and wade about like a blind farmer in a swamp until you find the file ‘’ – then click ok

– Wait for this bad boy to install and voila! You’ve now installed UkTvNow APK on Kodi!

Now that’s all good and well, but how in the hell do you use this thing? Kodi is like a goddamn maze in here and I just want to use UkTvNow APK!

So you’ve made it this far, please make sure you’ve defeated the Minotaur that haunts the labyrinthine technological mobile app that you’ve just installed before you watch TV, but realistically – it should be easy!

To access UkTvNow on Kodi, just hit up the ‘Add-ons’ button again and this time, you should be able to see the UkTvNow logo and from here on out friend, life is going to be very good indeed. Never before has so much joy been brought by one free mobile app.

Open up UkTvNow like a can of dog food, then you ought to see a selection of categories – nine categories in total – ranging from news, entertainment, fashion, religion and another five. Select whatever you fancy indulging your restless brain in today and then you’ll be shown all of the TV channels that fall under that category. From here, you’ll get an understanding of the impact of your actions – the choices, the choices!

Select something, anything – you choose! It’s all yours, it’s all free! Once you’ve selected what eye-goggles to watch through, you’ll just need to do one last thing and no, it doesn’t involve your credit card, it just has to do with the resolution. We recommend always choosing HTTP over rmtp, especially if you’re watching on a wide screen. You paid extra for that 4K TV so you might as well use it! UkTvNow APK lets you make the most of the other technology purchases you’ve already made, it interacts seamlessly with all devices, regardless of whether it’s good technology or bad technology, UkTvNow has no moral qualms.

There you have it! Watch TV for the rest of your life, with just one simple, free mobile app that you can download here for free – download UkTvNow APK free and get stuck into the world of live TV! It’s a world you’ll never want to leave, so download UkTvNow free here and you too can watch from afar, viewing all of your favourite shows and probably discovering some new ones along the way. It all starts when you download UkTvNow APK free here – your new life awaits.

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