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WhatsApp Plus APK


December 25, 2018


WhatsApp Plus APK


Download WhatsApp Plus APK is coming to a smartphone near you, heavily armed with features the likes of which make the original WhatsApp application look as cutting edge as a penny-farthing. For a mobile app – a free mod version of an existing mobiler that boasts 1 billion users since being bought by Facebook all those years ago – WhatsApp Plus is a remarkably versatile and well received application.

Despite having not been bought by Facebook like the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus was created by Spanish developer Rafalete and has since been downloaded countless times over the years, even after the original WhatsApp began banning users who they had detected using WhatsApp Plus as well as WhatsApp on their smartphone back in 2015.
WhatsApp Plus APK has overcome a lot of adversity and has found itself at the centre of an Android application package controversy that has started the dialogue on what software ought to be able to do, privacy and ownership of concepts when it comes to an update in technology.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Why is WhatsApp Plus so controversial?

Having sparked an international conversation over the internet, WhatsApp Plus is at the centre of a dispute whereby the original creators of WhatsApp have systematically tried to ban users of WhatsApp Plus, solely on the grounds that they believe that Rafalete stole their ideas and created a mod version of the online chat mobile app.

However, fans and supporters of WhatsApp Plus are arguing that owning the concept of a chat based mobile app would make WhatsApp themselves just a rip off of SMS messages from way back when data networks had never even heard of apps, Facebooks or even offered internet access.

Besides, if WhatsApp isn’t keeping up with the demands of its users, when doesn’t it make sense that a mobile app like WhatsApp Plus would spring up eventually? To make an Android APK isn’t that difficult, especially if there’s already an existing model out there, so just by cloning WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus APK was able to be the mod version that people were crying out for, bringing all those features that people had wanted from the original.

Does WhatsApp Plus APK have advantages and risks?

As far as instant messaging mobile apps go, WhatsApp Plus functions along with the best of them, people have even suggested that it runs smoother than the original WhatsApp and certainly, it can compete with Facebook Messenger or Telegram. The developers have worked hard to ensure that a

new update is available on a regular basis, so WhatsApp Plus remains bug free and acts as a thinking man’s alternative to the standard issue mass communication tool that is Facebook’s empire.

If you want controversy, look no further than Facebook, who own WhatsApp, who are the chief offenders for lodging complaints against WhatsApp Plus and its developers. Facebook, whose actions have led to grotesque abuses of power, have helped to reshape the political landscape of both the UK and the US – Facebook, who sold your data off to be harvested by big corporations and political manipulators.

Is it any wonder that people are increasingly turning away from the social network giant and all their affiliated products – which is a lot, 74 companies to be precise (as of December 2018) – when they know that realistically, Facebook won’t take their privacy seriously. It’ll sell it at a profit, at a time when data has proven itself to be key in understanding how to win elections, how to sell and who to sell it to. That WhatsApp Plus and many other clones of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp have sprung up in recent years is hardly shocking.

What’s the harm then, if Facebook’s WhatsApp continues to be the major player, and only a small fraction of people jump ship to WhatsApp Plus and other mod versions of the instant messaging mobile app?

Well, the lack of regulation over WhatsApp Plus has left it vulnerable to attacks from critics who claim it might not be safe, secure or that it might be a virus masquerading as an upgrade from the Facebook WhatsApp version. You can believe these people if you want to, or you can believe me when I tell you that WhatsApp Plus is a wonderful app, made with a clear design and a brilliant adaptation of Facebook’s WhatsApp, one that places a little bit more control in the hands of the users.

Considering 1 billion users have already been logged on WhatsApp, it’s difficult to imagine WhatsApp Plus overtaking their older step-brother mobile app, but it’s still easy to see why people are turning away from the giants.

What kind of features do I get with WhatsApp Plus APK?

An abundant sense of choice is the first thing you notice when you download WhatsApp Plus, it’s certainly an online chat app that aims to please! Keeping your desires at the forefront of what it offers is what’s led so many to turn to the WhatsApp Plus side of the debate.

One of the most flexible things that you can do with WhatsApp Plus is such a simple issue, it’s difficult to understand why WhatsApp don’t just create an update and add this to their own list of features if they want to see WhatsApp Plus die a slow death. WhatsApp Plus gives you over 700 customisable themes to choose from, allowing you to pimp out your mobile app and give it the look, layout and style that you want from an online chat app that you’re going to use every day.

Given that this is such a basic feature and yet such an obviously popular one, it’s a real mystery as to why WhatsApp developers haven’t simply seized on the opportunity – they’ve even had the luxury of having been shown by WhatsApp Plus just how popular this feature is.

Anyway, yeah – lots of options to choose from, including both preset themes you can download or, if you’re confident enough, you can just build your own one and unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus will let you use it, so long as it’s compatible.

The ability to toy with the style of the mobile app isn’t limited to just the theme either, there’s a whole new range of emojis available that can enhance your chatting abilities – why type a word when a grinning emoji can say so much more?

The prevalence of using emoticons, emojis, stickers and GIFs within any online chat mobile app or instant messaging service means that, realistically, if you want to remain current, you should be giving your users an update in terms of choice on a regular basis. It shouldn’t be that difficult for WhatsApp, a company that Facebook paid $19 billion USD for.

Hide Your Ass!

Not literally, obviously. One of the truly innovative features of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to hide your online status, limiting the field of vision for all those people who claim they’re your friends and family, but realistically are just dragging you down. Most likely you’ll have these people on WhatsApp Plus and on WhatsApp, but at least when you download WhatsApp Plus, you download the ability to hide from them.

No more annoying betrayals from your smartphone, no more misery inducing moments where you realise your activity on an Android application package has left you caught out in a lie. WhatsApp Plus is good software, and good software looks after its user.

Definitely, this is one of the big issues that WhatsApp has not addressed – people want more privacy and more space from those around them, WhatsApp Plus gives you the chance to get both of those things.

More flexibility when sharing files

Like any multimedia instant messaging mobile app worth its salt, WhatsApp Plus allows you to send and receive files of any kind – but unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus APK lets you set the limits for sending and receiving such messages. It’s a good way to send bulkier files when you need to get someone to someone swiftly, provided they have WhatsApp Plus as well, but why wouldn’t they? Tell your friends to download WhatsApp Plus APK to get the most out of it.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK – It’s Free After All!

So why not eh? Why not download WhatsApp Plus APK free here and find out for yourself if this is the replacement for WhatsApp that you’ve been looking for. It can’t possibly hurt, it’s free to download WhatsApp Plus APK here, so make the most of it and download WhatsApp Plus in seconds right here, right now. Easy to install, simple to use and brimming with features, get the latest version of the legendary mod version of WhatsApp APK with this free download of WhatsApp Plus APK. Download WhatsApp Plus here for free.

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